Robin Mosk, Chef of Boutique Hotel Texel:
“We work with high quality local products. The seasons and the pure taste of each ingredient inspire us. In combination with our local suppliers we combine our passion!”

Inspired by the seasons, Texel products are central in the local dishes served at Boutique Hotel Texel. The tasty dishes are a perfect example of strength and simplicity. Chef Martijn uses simple combinations to fully do justice to each ingredient. Our restaurant uses fresh produce that is local and pure.


Homestead- Nieuw Breda

In the Eijerland polder, you’ll find many farms named after cities and towns. Our farm "Hoeve Nieuw Breda” is one of them. We have over 170 hectares on our farm, which equals 340 football fields of potatoes, onions, wheat, barley, grain and sugar beets. How special to know that the potatoes you are served were harvested less than 5 km away. They go directly from the ground to the chef’s pan.

Suppliers from the island

Thanks to the passion of our suppliers, our kitchen staff can prepare surprising and unique dishes using the finest local products. May we introduce you to our Texel suppliers?


Be taken away by the tastes of the polder.
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