We are proud! Proud of the high quality of our many local products. Proud of our suppliers who brave the sea, work the land and tend their cattle daily with love and passion.
Thanks to the passion of our suppliers, our kitchen staff can prepare surprising and unique dishes using the finest local products.

May we introduce you to our suppliers?

Hoeve Nieuw Breda
Behind the hotel is our own farm Hoeve Nieuw Breda, where the best potatoes, onions, carrots and grains are grown.
TX 1 - Thijs Vonk
The men of the TX1 Klasina are proud fishermen with much love and passion for their profession and the sea. On Sunday night the Klasina with her crew sets sail, and after a week at sea they come home on Fridays with their catch of the week for us.
Ice farm Labora - Familie Rodenburg
Full creamy and pure from Texel. The cows from Labora farm walk, weather permitting, outside at the fields of "The Roggesloot". A unique place where you find the peace and quiet that the northen regions of Texel are so unique for. Relaxed cows with full creamy milk, the base of the perfect ice cream.
Wezenspyk - Familie Witte
Nice and tasty! Europe's best sheep cheese made at Wezenspyk. Cheese made from fresh milk from the cows or sheep, directly into the cheese tub. Since 1981 Anton Witte and family produce real Texel cheeses. Since 2007 Wezenspyk also produces goat cheese. Incredibly delicious for breakfast or on a cheese plate with a glass of port.
Wijnhuis Oosterend
Winehouse Oosterend beverage producer in the wonderful Texel monument village Oosterend. The winery produces more than twenty-eight different unique Texel beverages them selves. To all our dishes we serve naturally matching postage, wine or liquor of the winery.
Texel brewery - an institution on Texel
Special brews created by own expertise, for a good, healthy independent brewery. Since 1999 well known on Texel. Using modern technology, local ingredients such as barley and wheat and the North Holland dune water. 9 to 10 different beers are brewed. Very proud we are of the Texel bock that several times been named best bock of the Netherlands!


Be taken away by the tastes of the polder.
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