Laura Sipsma, Beautician:
“along with professional care and expertise, a good sense of inner and outer beauty”
Laura Sipsma Beauty Salon - where inner and outer beauty meet

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of the island? Come, sit back and be 'coddled' by Laura. The treatments in the salon are always created for your skin’s current condition. That means you get a tailor-made treatment each time.

What treatment would you like?

Exepriance treatment
60 minuten | € 60
Intensive cleansing, epilation, peeling, mask and be surprised by the different elements that this special treatment offers.
Me-time treatment
45 minuten | € 47,50
Cleansing, epilation or resins of the eyebrows, peeling, intensive mask, massage of scalp, face, neck, shoulders, decolleté, caring cream.
Quick Total treatment
30 minuten | € 35
Cleansing, epilation or resins of the eyebrows, peeling, mask, surprising element, caring cream.
Super boost Body & Skin complete
90 minutes Pampering full body treatment € 110
45 minutes complete facial, followed by 45 minutes full body massage.
A unique dwelling for body and mind.
Bookable on tuesday and wednesday
Refreshing facial boost
60 minutes | €60
Deep cleansing facial treatment, Taking unevenness. The result, a fresh look!
Men only
30 or 45 minuts | € 47,50
Laubrauw - perfect for every woman
Eyebrows make a woman | € 15
In a moment, Laura turns your eyebrows into the perfect eyebrow.
Spray tan
€ 25 Spray tan treatment
Wimper extentions
€ 70 New
€ 35 Supplement
Short treatments
The perfect look created in a snap
€ 12.50 Pure eyelashes
€ 12.50 Painting eyebrows
€ 15.00 Painting your eyelashes and eyebrows
€ 10.00 Chin
€ 15.00 Armpits
€ 18.50 Arms
€ 22.50 Lower leg
€ 35.00 whole legs
€ 15.00 Bikiniline
Visagie for special moments
Bridal arrangement
Bridal arrangement | € 125
Relax and enjoy the special moments that go ahead.
• Taste makeup before the wedding.
• Pampering, A relaxed face massage
• Makeup on the day of the wedding

Our salon works with Biodroga, a luxury brand from Germany. Biodroga stands for inner and outer beauty and utilizes natural substances and protective properties from plants combined with biotech ingredients.

Biodroga stands for excellent and reliable products that not only care for the skin, but also improve how the skin functions. The products are designed for all skin types.

Because each person has a unique skin type, Biodroga provides a wide range of products. We are happy to advise you about the right product for your skin type.


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+31 (0)222 311 237 

Opening hours
Daily from 08.00 till 21.00


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