Marjet Tjepkema, HaarSpa Texel:
“Come, sit down and stimulate your senses! In HaarSpa Texel, I will rejuvenate your hair and scalp with stimulating massages, traditional hairstyling techniques and essential oils. Let your hair shine!”
HaarSpa - Just let your hair dance

Your hair will thank you with a Spa Woolness HaarSpa treatment. Wellness for hair and skin.
At HaarSpa Texel, receive exclusive hair treatments aimed at the hair and scalp. We will find just the right essential oils and aromas that match your hair’s texture and compliments your skin. Rejuvenate your hair by treating it to the HaarSpa!

Zenz, stimulate your Zenzes
40 minutes | € 55
Cleansing of the scalp with a mild sea salt scrub followed by a relaxing head massage and hair with delicious aromas. Sit back and sting your Zenzes!
Haar Massage
30 minutes | € 35
Relaxing head and hair massage with warm essential oils and surprisingly delicate aromas.
Bridal Spa
Bridal treatment | € 125
We will let you relax and enjoy the special moments that precede.
• Hairstyle trial prior to the wedding.
• Pampering comprising, a relaxing head massage and relaxing facial massage.
• Hairstyle and makeup on the day of the wedding
Wash blow dry / water wave € 25.50
Wash € 7.50
Dry € 12.50
Intensive Mask € 17.50
Put up your hair (including clips) € 29.50
Put up hair children until 15 years (including pins) € 15.50

In HaarSpa we work with professional products from ZenzTherapy.
ZenzTherapy consists of professional and natural hair and skin care products based on essential oils. The product is organic, without parabens, sulfate, dyes and artificial fragrances. The therapeutic scents provide relaxation to eliminate stress. The result: healthy, shiny and vibrant hair, for him and her.



Aromatherapy is based on the healing and medicinal properties of herbs and plant extracts. The oily liquids from plants contain the life of the plant; their natural fragrances and raw materials nurture our most natural instincts by stimulating, soothing and relaxing the body and mind.

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Opening hours
Daily from 08.00 till 21.00


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