Yadira Solano, Masseuse:
“Body and mind work together to manifest mental pain. Through massage, the body and mind harmonize and together bring about physical balance. ”

Let your energy flow. Let anxiety, stress and tension release and dare to enjoy it! Leave all your burdens behind you, bring mind and body into balance and enjoy a relaxing or targeted massage.

Together we will find the right massage techniques and oils for you. Relax and let go!

Relaxing massage
60 minutes € 60 | 90 minutes € 80
Improves circulation and brings peace between your body and mind.
Spa Woolness Massage
60 minutes € 60 | 90 minutes € 80
Experience, feel and release. This Woolness Spa massage includes several massage techniques and therapeutic interventions. A unique massage tailored to your body and wellbeing.
Heat massage (hot stone)
60 minutes € 60 | 90 minutes € 80
Use of warm and cold elements results in a healing deep relaxation and improved blood flow.
Deep Tissue Massage
60 minutes € 60 | 90 minutes € 80
Powerful massage to bring the body back into balance. Slow deep massage techniques with attention to muscles with prolonged accumulated stress. Improves the oxygen and blood flow.
Energetic Massage
60 minutes € 60 | 90 minutes €80
Aimed to feel your own energy to flow again and helps to dispose of negative energy. Relaxes muscles, stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow chakras.
Does the nerve system balance.
Pregnancy Massage
60 minutes € 60 | 90 minutes € 80
If you are pregnant your trusted life is upside down, you experience everything in a different way and your body gets increasingly faced with all new developments. We have a special relaxing massage for expecting mothers. Only after the third month of pregnancy until four weeks before the calculated date.
65+ Massage
60 minutes €60 | 90 minutes €80
Especially for seniors, we offer a loving and respectful massage with special attention to stiff muscles and desired massage points.
Bride and Groom massage
60 minutes € 60 | 90 minutes € 80
Getting married? A special day, which is supposed to be the best day of your life. Yet it often takes a lot of organisation and tension. We have a wonderful relaxing duo massage special for you. Prepare and enjoy together that unforgettable day.

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Opening hours
Daily from 08.00 till 21.00


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