Yadira Solano, Masseuse:
“Body and mind work together to manifest mental pain. Through massage, the body and mind harmonize and together bring about physical balance. ”

Let your energy flow. Let anxiety, stress and tension release and dare to enjoy it! Leave all your burdens behind you, bring mind and body into balance and enjoy a relaxing or targeted massage.

Together we will find the right massage techniques and oils for you. Relax and let go!

Wadden sea Massage
25 minutes € 35 | 55 minutes € 70 | 85 minutes € 90
Sea salt & seaweed
Oolaboo body treatment
25 minutes € 40 | 55 minutes € 70 | 85 minutes € 90
Anti striae massage. Promotes skin hydration, glow, and elasticity
Lanoline treatment
25 minutes € 40 | 55 minutes € 70 | 85 minutes € 90
Light body scrub with sea salt followed by a heated massage with lanolin.
Dieptissue Massage
55 minutes € 60 | 85 minutes € 90
Powerful massage to balance the body.
Cleopatra Massage
55 minutes € 90
With warm milk and honey. Softens and nourishes the skin. Anti-aging effect.
Hotstone massage
55 minuts €90
Has a deep healing effect, provides relaxation and improves blood flow.
55 minutes € 90
Based on matcha tea full of antioxidants. Choice of: lavender, matcha, chocolate and honey
Pregnancy massage
55 minutes € 90
When you are pregnant, everything will be differend.
We have a massage esspecially designed for the upcomming mom. Only possible after the third month of your pregnancy up to four weeks before the due date.

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+31 (0)222 311 237

Opening hours
Daily from 08.00 till 21.00


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