Farmers used to use wool from the Texel sheep to get through the cold winter or after a day of hard work to make the muscles and joints supple. Today, the benefits of wool goes beyond heat alone; it gives a sense of security and peace and the lanolin has a healing effect on the skin.

Of course only wool from the 'Texelaar sheep' is used, a unique breed of sheep known worldwide. Famous for its good quality meat and wool. The salty sea air creates a special structure, fatty and high quality wool.

Be surprised by the natural effects wrapped in wool.

“In the intimate 'wolboet' you will leave the crowds behind and give your selve over to the nurturing of the soft Texel sheep. Tangled in the wool you take place in a manger. Your hands and feet receive a natural lanoline (yolk) packing and then you will be tucked in a sheepskin blanket. While the wool and the cream does its job. A woolbath is a benefit for both the body and the mind. After 20 minutes while still lying in the manger, you will receive a cup of tea or coffee. Take it easy afterglow. I am looking forward welcoming you, Nelda ”
Wegdromen op de Wadden.jpg
Woolbath €60 | 60 minutes
Relaxing in a manger of Texel sheepwool exclusive and and absolutely worth it. The woolbath is also available as a duo treatment.

What does IT DO FOR YOU?


Sheep wool acts as insulation. During a woolness treatment your body temperature increases and the heat relaxes your muscles and joints. The woolbath relieves and softens rheumatism, joint pain or arthritis.


Sheep wool contains lanolin. Pure wool fat stimulates healing of the skin. During a woolbath there remains a layer of wool grease left on the skin making it soft and elastic.


The specially designed manger where the woolbath is given in contributes together feeling of old-fashioned romance and relaxation.

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