With a package you will enjoy the best of Texel and from our hotel.

All our packages are based on two or more nights where we combine the best of three worlds, luxuriously attractive rooms and suites, fresh authentic dishes from Texel itself and a unique Spa Woolness.

Gastronomic Gusta Package - € 210
Celebrate the taste of passion to feel at home, That’s what we do… Thats who we are!
Spa Woolness package - € 205
As long as you are here you do not have to think about anything. Enjoy, relax & forget the time.
Farmer stroll – Bicycle and walking package - € 200
Mutlifaceted island, raff, pearl of the sea. Welcome on Texel. Enjoy texel from our central location. Take a bike and enjoy. After a long day of cycling and walking, sit and relax at our fire place or at the spa.
Suite Dreams - Romantic package - € 230
Surprise your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend with a romantic getaway to Texel and dream away in one of our exclusive suites.
Cultural package - € 205
Discover the treasures from the sea, the hisory from the island, the flora and fauna.
Babymoon- €180
A baby put your world up side down. Everything would be different. Also your vacations. You can read a book on the beach, but only if you read it for your child and for a max of 5 minutes.

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