''Working on your own development is not selfish. On the contrary. When you manage to create a happy life for yourself in which you feel free and powerful, there is room to pass on this happiness to the people around you. Because when you are comfortable in your own skin, you are also a nicer partner, friend or mother for the people around you. The way you approach life, consciously or unconsciously, inspires others to bring out the best in themselves. So by helping yourself, you make the world a little bit better. '' - Jeanine

Be the change you want to see in the world

-Mahatma Gandhi

Dive Deep Detox

Do you need something more than just relaxation? Would you like to clear up something that continues to request attention from you for a long time? For example, an event at work, an uncomfortable feeling that keeps returning, or something evident that concerns you?

Then book a session to give you insights and let go of that that no longer serves you to give more space to pay attention to what is really important to you!

Relation Booster

How well do you know your partner? Do you know what your partner's current wishes and needs are? As human beings, we all have universal needs including love, fun, freedom or security. Where one experiences a day of sauna and massage as pure relaxation and fun, others experiences a parachute jump and a walk through the dunes as the ultimate relaxation and fun. Same underlying needs different fillings.

Do you want to discover what your partner's needs are and what the most ideal picture looks for? And your own? Then take the relationship challenge together, a session full of humor, insights, ahaaa moments and ultimate connection

Private Yoga Nidra Meditation Session

  • Do you want to experience more rest during the day? Enjoy the little things more? Or enjoy the here and now? Then book a yoga nidra session.
What is yoga nidra?
  • Yoga nidra also called sleep yoga, provides a deep relaxation. During the session, you will be guided to a wake and sleep state. When you reach this state, you are in a relaxation equal to 4 hours of sleep!
The benefits of yoga nidra:
  • Better sleep
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Stress reduction
  • Growth in imagination and creativity
  • Book a unique private session and be guided to keep your focus on your inner process and experience this ultimate relaxation for yourself!

Family constellation & Systemic work

  • Are you interested in a setup? Whether business, personal or relational? Then book a session now in which you contribute your theme that you would like more insight into.
  • Making a family condition is a form of psychotherapy introduced by german bert hellinger. Hellinger's working method is also called system working.


Mother of a son (1), married and living on the beautiful Wadden island of Texel. TWIINS was created during a long journey through Asia. A young woman who dares to follow her heart and wants to use her full potential, but with great pleasure and freedom. Because of my ever-present curiosity about the latest trends in personal development, self-care and ways to find a healthy balance between body and mind, I found the perfect combination of Coaching and Yoga in a Retreat. Get the best out of yourself in a relaxed way, where body and mind are central and inextricably linked, just like TWIINS.

In een andere omgeving gaat onze coach met uw eigen coachvraag of één van de themawandelingen op zoek naar meer rust en balans in leven en werk. In gesprek en met een aantal oefeningen krijgt u inzicht in de situatie en handvatten voor meer ontspanning en rust in het dagelijkse leven.


Omdat stress of andere problemen ook een groot effect kunnen hebben op uw relatie, is er de relatiewandeling. Bewust stilstaan bij uw relatie en tijd en aandacht voor elkaar nemen.


Kom letterlijk en figuurlijk in beweging tijdens een prachtige wandeling in de natuur. Terwijl u op stap bent met de wandelcoach, schenkt u aandacht aan uw innerlijk en ontdekt u wat u nodig heeft om uzelf energiek en ontspannen te voelen. Zorgen voor uzelf met een wellness coachwandeling is aandacht voor lichaam en geest.