Open air coaching

Wellness or well-being means taking good care of yourself in order to feel your best. From within and without. Our stress coach focuses mainly on people with questions linked to restlessness, stress, and burnout. Do you have any of these concerns in your work or home life? Does that busy job demand a lot from you? Has your life been changed by a radical event such as divorce? A loss? Something else? Is stress making it difficult for you to let go and unwind?

Step out of the shadow and walk in the sun!


"Wellness or well-being means taking good care of yourself in order to feel your best. From within and without. With a coach walk you literally and figuratively move forward during a beautiful stroll. While you're out with the walking coach, you will examine your inner self and discover what you need to feel energetic and relaxed. Caring for yourself with a wellness coach walk is nourishment for body and mind."

Find your path

  • Reset your life path Develop clarity and direction
  • Gain perspective on your lifestyle
  • Where am I now
  • Where do I want to go A fresh sea breeze through your life
  • Nature as a mirror Full of renewed energy

On your way

  • Widen your outlook
  • Discover your path
  • Where are you now and where do you want to go
  • The next steps
  • Identify the obstacles in your path and how to tackle them
  • Declare your goal and establish a plan of action
  • Develop measurable steps to work towards your goal

Step out of the shadow

  • Even when the weather is bad, you can find your own sunshine!
  • Attention for yourself
  • Relaxing walk away from obligations Reflect on questions such as “What makes me happy?”
  • What makes me happy And “What do I need to feel happy?”

Get away for two

  • Get away together to unwind, relax, and talk
  • Reflect on your relationship
  • Assess where you are now and where you want your future to lead
  • Where are you fulfilled in your relationship
  • Where could you improve or what would you like to discuss
  • Guidance by a coach in a fresh environment
  • Speak openly
  • Make time for each other
  • Attentive listening to one another
  • Reconnect with each other

An ocean of time, walking towards retirement

  • Reflect on what life will be like after your retirement or the retirement of your partner
  • What are your expectations and what expectations do you have for each other
  • What obstacles are you facing, and how can you support each other
  • Step back, create space for new plans and challenges
  • Speak openly
  • Attentive listening to one another
  • Guidance by a coach in a fresh environment
  • Make time for each other and the future 4 sessions incl. hotel package by request (2 people)

Talk, listen, define & cross your boundaries

  • Is it sometimes difficult for you to set boundaries at work or in your private life?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to deal with change or obstacles?
  • Do you want to discuss how to establish a healthier work-life balance?
  • Whatever your focus, a coach walk can be the first step to finding more rest in your life.

In een andere omgeving gaat onze coach met uw eigen coachvraag of één van de themawandelingen op zoek naar meer rust en balans in leven en werk. In gesprek en met een aantal oefeningen krijgt u inzicht in de situatie en handvatten voor meer ontspanning en rust in het dagelijkse leven.


Omdat stress of andere problemen ook een groot effect kunnen hebben op uw relatie, is er de relatiewandeling. Bewust stilstaan bij uw relatie en tijd en aandacht voor elkaar nemen.


Kom letterlijk en figuurlijk in beweging tijdens een prachtige wandeling in de natuur. Terwijl u op stap bent met de wandelcoach, schenkt u aandacht aan uw innerlijk en ontdekt u wat u nodig heeft om uzelf energiek en ontspannen te voelen. Zorgen voor uzelf met een wellness coachwandeling is aandacht voor lichaam en geest.