Let your energy flow. Release fear, stress and tension and dare to enjoy! Leave all your burdens behind, balance body and mind, and enjoy a targeted or relaxing massage. Together we will determine the appropriate massage technique and oil. Lie back and allow time to disappear!

Explore the options

Relaxation massage

Full body relaxation

Pure relaxation. A massage that brings body and mind to a rest and where you can let go of everything completely.

  • 25 minutes € 40
  • 55 minutes € 70 
  • 85 minutes € 90

Deeptissue Massage

Therapeutic massage

Very powerful massage that relieves accumulated tensions and lets energy flow again. Effective, focused and strong.

  • 25 minutes € 45
  • 55 minutes € 80
  • 85 minutes € 110

Mini massage

Shoulder neck and head massage

A quick fresh up with a head shoulder neck massage

  • 30 min €40

Lanoline treatment

Anti-stretch marks massage

Experience the healing effect of pure lanolin (wool fat) with a relaxing wool massage

  • 25 minutes €40
  • 55 minutes €80
  • 85 minutes €100

Tip: combine the lanolin massage with a sea salt scrub (€ 10) or even better make it a total spa woolness experiance with an woolbath body wrapping (60 minutes €60)

Hotstone massage

Warm & cold elements

The Hotstone massage has a deep healing effect, the hot and cold elements improve blood circulation and give total relaxation. 

  • 55 min €90
  • 85 min €120

Seaweed body treatment

Body detox

Experience the powerful effect of seaweed through a packing. The anti-oxidants help firm, detox and tonify the skin

  • 25 minutes € 45
  • 55 minutes € 75
  • 85 minutes € 110

Tip: combine the seaweed massage with a sea salt scrub to remove all dead skin cells and let the seaweed have an extra powerful working € 10

Energetic massage

Let it flow through.

A really jentle massage. The masseuse uses only her fingertips and hands to the meridians and shakras

  • 85 min € 110

Ayurvedisch massage

energetic herbs

Ayurvedic massage is a gentle energetic massage, characterized by the use of different types of warm herbal oil.

  • 55 min €95,-
  • 85 min €130,-

Prenatal massage

In your pregnancy you experiance lots of new things. One of the must do's if you ask us is to experiance a pregnancy massage. Connect with your baby and find some relaxation. It works uplifting After the first trimester. 

  • 55 minutes € 90,-

Note: Pregnancy massages can only be given up to four weeks till due date and when you and your baby are in good conditions.It's not recomendable to have a pregnancy massage if you have high blood pressure, thrombosis, heart complaints, varicose veins, extreme tiredness, nausea and medication use.If you retain moisture. Massage can help to dissipate moisture. It is only important to know if your blood pressure is healthy. If there is an increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth of the release of the placent

Cupping massage

Strengthens the muscles and reduces tensions and knots

It is hot, its powerful, its working, its painful, and it shows effect. A massage for the strongest. With plastic vacuums the body receives a massage which stimulates muscles and connective tissue. 

  • 25 min € 45
  • 55 min € 75


Note: Cupping is not painless and certainly also leaves marks behind where there was a lot of tension. this is due to the suction of the cub that pulls the blood to the surface. remove the circles after a few days.

Full body treatment

compleet relaxation

Treat yourself, your loved one with a compleate body treatment of 120 minutes of relaxation. 

Start with a quick refreshing shower in our spa afther which you enjoy a seasalt steambath for about 10 minutes. 
After some warm up the masseuse will invide you to the salon where the skin will be cleant with a seasalt scrub after which a nourishing body wrapping will be applyed.  After a 40 minutes body wrap a cleansing and massage will be given.

Body wrapping choice

  • Lavender
  • Sheep milk
  • Matcha (greentea)
  • Clay



Medical taping

Menstrual pain, heel spur, hay fever, headache, neck complaints, shoulder or low back complaints. Medical taping can be the solution.

  • 25 minutes € 40

Linking inner and outer beauty


"Body and mind are closely connected. Physical pain is a signal from the body that something is not right. Massage brings consciousness to body and mind, helping you to find balance and to relieve or cure ailments."