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from € 265,- p.p.p.a.

A baby turns your life upside down. Everything will be different--including vacations. Quietly relaxing on the beach with  a book will still be possible, but only in 5-minute increments! Of course your holidays will continue to be enjoyable, but a babymoon is your last chance to truly and indulgently relax: And what better location to do so than Texel?

Sleeping in together; swimming together; feeling the first kicks from your baby together: together enjoying your little miracle and enjoying each other. A babymoon is also possible if the little one has already arrived; you can get away and relax after the flurry of the first months full of changes, new rhythms, and visits from friends and family. Steal as many moments together as you can in this first year. Imagine enjoying your first time away together as a family, swimming or walking on the beach: enjoy life and enjoy each other. We will provide a warm homebase for you on Texel, complete with all the necessary comforts: mini-fridge, kettle, swim diaper or inner tube? We are here to accommodate!

Package details:

  • Stay in a deluxe room with rain shower and a Texeler duvet
  • Enjoy a full breakfast with a wide selection each morning
  • One evening 3-course á la carte dinner in restaurant Gusta* on the day of your arrival that adheres to the dietary (*A number of dishes come with a supplement, this is indicated in the menu.)
  • requirements and restrictions for expectant or breastfeeding mothers.
  • Babymoon surprise package for you and the little one
  • 30-minute family photo shoot (with 8 professionally-edited photos) for the (future) family
  • Access to Spa Woolness, swimming pool, saunas & High-Spa
  • Map of cycling and walking routes




€ 265 -  2 nights
€ 340 -  3 nights
€ 415  -  4 nights

Booking terms and conditions:

  • This package is subject to availability.
  • Package price is per person, starting from two guests per room.
  • Price excludes € 2.95 p.p.p.n. local tax.
  • We reserve the right to price and typographical errors.
  • Prices may vary during peak vacation time and national holidays.

Information & Reservations:

For more information and reservations:  + 31 (0) 222 311 237 or

Would you like to stay longer than 4 nights on our island? All our packages have the possibility of being combined.

Babymoon tips

  • Timing. The second trimester is the best time for a babymoon. In the first trimester you are dealing with the ailments of early pregnancy, and you are less mobile in the third.

  • Relax. Are you the kind of vacation-goer who seeks action and adventure? Now that you are pregnant, it is wise to slow down for awhile. Since climbing Mont Blanc is out this year, consider a relaxing beach stroll instead.

  • Comfort. During your pregnancy you naturally place more value on a good bed and healthy diet. This fact alone is reason enough to opt for for a more luxurious choice this year.

  • Photoshoot. Now that your belly is slowly growing and you’re not yet popping out of your clothes, book a photoshoot with your partner and capture your love. Let us connect you with a local photographer to take your pictures among the beautiful nature on the island.

  • Medical facilities. We have the contact details of the hospital and doctor at hand. Now that there is life growing inside of you, you do not want to take any risks. Ensure you have the number of your obstetrician in your telephone. Rest assured Texel has an established midwife practice complete with modern ultrasound equipment.

  • Mind the sun. The sun’s rays can lead to Melasma (pregnancy mask). It is important to liberally apply sunscreen and spend more time in the shade. The sun is always shining on Texel, and the brisk wind can sometimes be misleading; therefore, be extra mindful to apply sunscreen first thing in the morning and before going outside.