Parties: because there is always a reason to celebrate

A fitting party for every occasion. Whether you are celebrating Grandma's birthday, the success of a project or simply life: original parties demand original venues. What could be better than a polder venue with breathtaking views of dunes and farmland?

A party trimmed in gold

We have several private rooms that offer unique possibilities and the flexibility to add your personal touch. A stylishly-decorated hotel with a particularly eco-chic design, modern venues, a beautiful garden, comfortable hotel rooms, and a kitchen staff who aim to delight. Last but not least, we have an in-house team that will fully pamper you and your guests. We are full of fun and original ideas for an extraordinary and festive event. Let’s get the party started!


Discover the possibilities

You are welcome to come visit and check out the possibilities at our versatile venue. We would be happy to quote you a fee, no strings attached. You may walk-in or book a consultation, and you can also request more information by email or give us a call.