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A way of living for which Arnoud & Gusta Marie Langeveld have always stood is what drove their decision to establish pension Hoeve Nieuw Breda in 1965 in conjunction with their farm. They spent their days in the fields and kitchen in order to serve their guests the most delicious fresh potatoes and vegetables. Today, we still operate using this farm-to-table model where our dishes feature ingredients from Hoeve Nieuw Breda as well as other local regional suppliers. Our ethos is rooted in the union of strength and simplicity, familial warmth and gezelligheid, with a love and passion for the product at the core.


And… nice to know, our restaurant is energy neutral. We cook on our own generated energy.

Inside the ‘’onion’’, the potato is our heart. The potato combines the best properties that food can offer: it is a nutritious ingredient that is grown sustainably. It is healthy and: He is healthy and a culinary centipede.
That is why we put the ''common'' potato in a sexy jacket. No complicated menu but just: Different, regional, sometimes classic and even a bit exotic. For us, the potato takes the lead and is the star in our restaurant. We also want to get the potato out of its negative corner. The potato really isn't bad, fattening or boring. Quite the contrary! The potato is very tasty, contains few calories and is gastronomically versatile and tasty. What else do you want?
There is no better way to start the day than with an extensive breakfast. Every day we serve our breakfast in the form of a buffet in our restaurant Gusta. We serve breakfast from 08:00 to 10:30
  • Want to stay a little longer in bed? Order breakfast on bed for € 5 per person extra and enjoy a little more time in bed, for extra luxury order a glass of champagne with it!
  • Are you staying at the hotel? then breakfast is included in your roomrate
  • Are you staying elsewhere on the island or at the campsite? You can enjoy an extensive breakfast for up to 8 people for € 15 p.p. For this we ask you to make a reservation.
Enjoy delicious dishes at one of the most beautiful locations on Texel. From delicious crispy potato sandwiches with a fresh smoothie to an extensive lunch tray with all the trimmings!
We serve our lunch from 12:30 till 18:00 
Our terrace is open daily from 08:00 till 22:00
Do you have an allergy or diet? Please let us know in advance, so that we can take this into account.
Fancy an afternoon out? You are very welcome in our restaurant. Enjoy an island lifestyle where every moment is used to make it beautiful. Are you not staying with us, but do you fancy the taste of Gusta? The drive to Eijerland is an outing in itself. And that is also rewarded with delicious dishes fresh from our own country in our restaurant.
The restaurant is open daily from 18:00 till 22:00
You can enjoy ultimate enjoyment with a good glass of wine or how about an island beer brewed from our own barley or a TX Gin and Tonic, distilled from our potatoes. 

We may call our restaurant a Dutch Cuisine restaurant. In this way we contribute to the objective of Dutch Cuisine: to promote the Dutch kitchen and dining culture.

Robin Mosk,
Chef Boutique Hotel Texel:

“We work with pure, local products inspired by the seasons and utilize the natural flavors of each ingredient. We use ingredients from our own farm, supplemented with products from local  suppliers and combined with passion.”


'' Enjoy life with passion. Discover the versatile gastronomy of Boutique Hoteel Texel ''

Discover the of innovative cuisine of Boutique Hotel Texel